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Teacher Certification Program

Rishi Yoga Institute presents a 200 hour curriculum that is recognized by Yoga Alliance.  (see below for more details)

We are happy to announce we are planning a Teacher Training Class for Spring of 2019 . Students will be Certified by Yoga Alliance as a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher.  We haven't set a specific start date, but we are hoping to start by the end of March.


Jacinthe Fall 2017

Basic Practitioner's Program

Rishi offers ongoing programs for practicing Yogi’s and Yogini’s who are not interested in becoming instructors but desire to deepen their knowledge of the history and philosophy of yoga. Anatomy related to yoga and a thorough knowledge of the foundation, form and benefit of many of the basic asanas and the formula to create a safe, dynamic personal practice are a part of the practitioner’s curriculum.

(see below for  more details)


Nikki Benatovich - My teacher training through Rishi was, by far, the most life changing event I have ever experienced. Happy for your new class that they can be a part of something so wonderful. Devin, you are amazing!

Ersi Danou - For me, you are a brilliant teacher because you bring the best out of us all the time — and you do that with the right balance between perseverance & method and novelty & inspiration.

Harumi - This training course was nothing like I expected.  It was much much more!!  This was also a life training course.  I really appreciate everything you taught us and being so inspiring.

Katie - When you told me this training would change my life I believed you, but I did not really understand.  Now that we are almost done I get it.  What a spectacular growing and life changing experience this has been.  Yoga has brought me so much strength and happiness.  The way you open up and share your knowledge and heart with us is priceless.  This experience will always be so precious to me.  You are a gift to me and the universe.

Rhea - I really appreciate you being my guru and I enjoyed being a student.  I loved being able to take in your energy and benefit from your strength.

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Teacher Certification Program

Registered with Yoga Alliance, Rishi Yoga Institute offers basic certification as Yoga Instructor as well as offering continuing education toward a personal 200 hour R.Y.T certificate.

Our curriculum is Vinyasa based with discussion of the various other styles of Hatha Yoga. Each term teaches Asana and a formula for creating a sound, safe and dynamic practice. You will study the history and philosophy of Yoga as well as anatomy and physiology as they relate to the practice. You will learn different methods of meditation and participate in a study program and discussion of the Yoga Sutras.

Upon graduation you will be certified and eligible to teach at any yoga studio, spa or gym in the United States. Additional symposia, intensives and workshops are offered to assist in your ongoing education toward becoming a R.Y.T. So that you are able to receive the personal attention you deserve, our practical sessions are kept to no more than ten participants. Basic certification classes are held on weekends, Saturday and Sunday 2:30PM until 6:30PM. Ours is a ten week program, the tenth week being graduation. Continuing education classes are announced quarterly and once you are certified, you are eligible to attend.

Instructors holding certificates from Rishi Yoga Institute are well respected and in demand and we are happy to assist in placement for our most outstanding graduates. If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact us and we will be glad to respond.

*Yoga Alliance is a recognized national registry of schools and instructors that meet a stringent criteria in their level of expertise.

Basic Practitioners Program

Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for some time, this course will give you a more in depth understanding of yoga and it's philosophy.  Participants will study the history of the practice as well as the physical aspects of Hatha Yoga and will learn foundation, form and benefit of several of the basic Asanas as well as how to sequence them to build a dynamic, safe personal practice.  The study of basic anatomy as it relates to the practice and the study of various  methods of meditation are a part of the curriculum.

This is a five week program.  The class session meets on Saturday and Sunday from 2:30pm until 4:30pm.  There are ongoing sessions through out the year and it is necessary to pre-register for the session.