Our Approach

Rishi Yoga Institute was established in Los Angeles, California in 2004.  We are a facility dedicated solely to the training and development of Yoga instructors.

The founder and director, Devin Morgan, has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga for 20 years and during this period has instructed thousands of students in the United States, England, Israel, Egypt and Jordan.  With her background and experience, she has developed a program based on Vinyasa, a classical style of Yoga using the marriage of the breath and Asana to build a powerful practice that develops amazing strength of body, discipline of mind and becomes a moving meditation to connect one to the Silent Witness within.

Her passion is based on anatomy and physical link to finding the power of the Spirit that dwells within each and every one of us.

At 73 years old, Devin is an example of the Yoga that she teaches.  Her joy and love of life come through to her students and the classes presented at Rishi are an extension of that deep understanding and experience of living.

So, whether you are interested in becoming an instructor, simply expanding your own personal knowledge of Yoga or changing your life now and forever through a deeper understanding of who and what you are, please open yourself to the possibility of Rishi Yoga Institute and all that we have to offer as you make your journey.

Our Story

Meet the Team


Devin Morgan

Founder & Director

Clinical Hypnotherapist

After many years in the corporate world, Devin attended her first yoga class and discovered her true journey. Mentored by Frank White, Devin became a yoga teacher and has been teaching classes and workshops in the U.S. and internationally for the last twenty five years. She has spread the Rishi method to literally thousands of Yogis and Yoginis. Her classes, workshops and trainings present safe and exciting vinyasa sequences that can be enjoyed regardless of the level of the participant. Her love and joy of the practice is infectious and many of her students have been with her since the beginning of her career in wellness. She welcomes beginners as well as students with a high proficiency in the practice.


Brigid Sepel

Chief Operating Officer

Yoga Teacher

Brigid has practiced Yoga on and off since she was a teenager.  In 2014 Devin announced her next Teacher Training class was starting soon and Brigid knew that this was something she wanted to do. Brigid’s intention was to learn more about Yoga and continue to be a student, not a teacher.  After completing her training with Devin’s her thoughts on teaching changed.  Brigid realized that she did want to teach and is joyfully doing just that!  Quote from Brigid, “I will always be a student of Yoga…on the mat, off the mat, in front of the class learning from my students, and in the back of the class as a grateful student myself.”

magdalina chef

Magdalina Zakaryan

Raw Foods Chef

Yoga Teacher

A graduate of the Living Light Institute, Magdalina is a Chef, instructor and Raw Food Nutrition Educator. It was on her quest for a healthy, vital life style that she discovered the raw living food system and it changed her eating habits and her life. Her passion is creating healthy, delicious dishes and sharing them. Her belief is that incorporating more plant based foods can transform the mind, body and well being and she joins Rishi as our resident Chef and newly certified yoga teacher.


JD Dorfman

Retreat Coordinator

Yoga Teacher

Born and raised in Southern California, JD was a natural born athlete. From childhood he excelled in baseball, football, track and hockey. He graduated from Cal State University and with a civic heart and adventurous soul, he became a firefighter/EMT in Siskiyou County, California. His educational background and unique skill sets led him from firefighter/EMT to being the commander of a elite team of individuals specializing in international disaster relief. He has led teams to disaster sites in locations all over the world.

JD is a certified yoga instructor as well, and now uses his extensive sports background and athletic history combined with his new passion for yoga to offer a unique perspective that goes past traditional exercise theories. He joins Rishi as retreat coordinator using his considerable travel knowledge in creating unique, exciting, safe get-aways for yoga practitioners as well as friends and family. He will also be heading a division of yoga for athletes combining all modalities of his experience as he teaches all levels from Restorative to Power yoga.

Quote: "Three qualities of an athlete...discipline, commitment, faith.
JD Dorfman


Susan Habicht

Yoga Teacher

Susan Habicht is the newest member of our Rishi Institute team. Susan is a Certified Yoga Instructor by Rishi Yoga Institute. Combining a wealth of knowledge and experience in her practice she will guide you, whether you want to improve your flexibility, accelerate recovery after an injury, or simply make a positive lifestyle change, Susan Habicht has something to offer you.