Rishi Yoga Institute presents yoga as a truly non-sectarian Spiritual path to attune to the divine witness within each of us.  We believe that yoga is a personal, conscious union and attunement of the body, mind and spirit, which promotes the development of a self-actualized being.  All programs presented at Rishi are based on non-dogmatic ideology using classical and contemporary styles with an emphasis on the Vinyasa practice.

"By challenging ourselves to our highest level of excellence, we reach heights never before even dreamed."

Devin Morgan, Director

Ongoing classes & workshops

Yoga Alliance Registered

photo by Maureen Benoit
photo by Maureen Benoit

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February 23,2019 - Pranayama workshop!

Coming in March: Dynamics of Pigeon, also Women's One Day Retreat

Rishi Institute has a 5 Star overall rating with Yoga Alliance.

5 star rating