Wellness Seminars are presented throughout the year.  See below for descriptions of some of the workshops we offer.

Most of our workshops provide Yoga teachers with Continuing Education Credits through Yoga Alliance.  Contact us for details on CE Credits.

Go to our Continuing Education Classes page to see what workshops are scheduled!

Must be 16 years old to attend.

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Classes will focus on a specific theme.  Style of yoga, meditation, etc.  See upcoming classes below for details.  Classes do not provide yoga teachers with Continuing Education Credits.

Go to our Continuing Education Classes page to see what classes are scheduled!

Must be 16 years old to attend.

Moon Light Yoga

August 14th, Wednesday evening at 8:00 to 9:00pm
Location: 20500 Sesnon Blvd, Northridge, CA 91326  (corner of Sesnon and Porter Ranch Drive)
Bring your mat, water (if you like) and a friend!  Please don't wear a fragrance of any kind, it attracts bugs.  Park in the lot and look for all the happy yogi's!!
Gentle practice for all levels, opening our hearts in greeting to the moon.
This practice is donations only.
So please come join us, no reservations required.

Wine, Women and Yoga

What a fun night we had!  Thank you Sami and Carly for hosting this event at your amazing store!  We can’t wait till our next Wine Women and Yoga. 

Visit our Gallery for fun photo’s from the event. 

If you missed it and are curious about the event, see below:

Come join us for an evening of Wine, Women and Yoga at Wood N Hanger in Woodlandhills.  We will have wine, cheese, and a presentation of beautiful, affordable yoga clothing and casual wear.  The evening will include a drawing for a gift certificate from Wood N Hanger, a 1 hour private with Devin, a facial and more!  Space is limited; there will be a $20 entrance fee that will be your ticket that enters you into the drawing.

This will be a fun evening getting to know your fellow yogini’s and to meet new yogini’s in a social setting.  We know you will find something irresistible for yourself, or if you are looking for a unique gift, this is the place to find it!

About Wood N Hanger:

We are a mother/daughter team making our dream into a reality on a daily basis. We wanted to create a unique shopping experience for those with eclectic taste similar to ours, so we did. We carry a stylish, but still practical collection of clothing. Our items are carefully selected to appeal to a broad range of women. While clothing is the main focal point of the store, we also have a great selection of jewelry. Whether you want a more inexpensive statement piece, or a beautiful one of a kind artisan piece, we have it all. We are always stocked up with great accessories to compliment any outfit, of course. From purses, to hats, to scarves and much, much more, we bring in new items every week, so no matter how often you visit, you will always be able to find something new and exciting. The entire store is decorated with antiques, vintage and handmade pieces. Now this is where it gets fun.... EVERYTHING is for sale! (Well, almost. There are a few things we just couldn't bare to part with) We search high and low for unique items from big to small that will appeal to you, and your wallet. Stop by and check it out for yourself....we guarantee you won't leave without a smile on your face and something new (or old) in your handled Kraft paper bag.


When: February 11th, 2018

Where: 22536 Ventura Blvd.

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

(747) 226-3050

Entrance Fee: $20

Workshops continued:

When we don’t breathe deeply enough, our bodies create a stress hormone that causes tension in the tissues of the body. Through simple breathing techniques and exercises, we can enhance our physical and mental abilities and control stress in our lives. Breathing deeply and fully helps us to stay healthy and vital, lose weight and keep our bodies agile. It makes for a glowing skin and active mind. This seminar teaches simple, easy breathing techniques that can help us maintain our energy and our sanity while experiencing a fast paced, active life style. And, while it is true that we all breathe all the time, most of us don’t breathe fully. We oxygen starve our tissues and run our lives on low octane fuel. Most people only use about 60% of their lung capacity. Participants will receive handouts explaining the breathing apparatus inside the body and exercises that they may do to continue the experience the healing power of oxygen.
FEE: $250.00

The Goal Setting Workshop is a 2 part seminar. The first meeting, the participants will derive an understanding of personal belief systems and how those beliefs have the ability to enhance or destroy their goal achieving abilities.  They will understand that many belief systems that control our lives come from other people and are not our beliefs at all.  Participants will be given several personal questionnaires to take home and fill out.  These questionnaires are designed to help them see if their subconscious and non-valid belief systems are standing in the way of reaching their dreams.  The questionnaires are maintained by the participants however they are requested to bring them back to the second meeting so that if they wish to share, they may.  Our discussion at that meeting will assist participants to determine if beliefs about themselves and their abilities are really appropriate to their life today or if they are operating on beliefs that they carry from childhood and don't relate to them at all at this stage in their life.  Beliefs that our parents, teachers and friends shared with us were accepted by our subconscious as true, valid and real very early in life and may still have power over us even though we don't realize it.  This is a very powerful seminar and participants must be prepared to be honest with themselves and be open to making a positive change in their lives.


Recent statistics show 1 in 7 women having some sort of breast cancer.  And while the statistics for women are readily available, cancer is not gender specific as we know.  This seminar is dedicated to the discussion of the prevention of breast cancer for both men and women and to the healing of those who are dealing and have dealt with the illness either themselves or as support systems for loved ones and friends.  We will discuss conventional methods of treatment as well as holistic methods and we will cover many things that women and men can do on a daily basis to stay healthy.  Handouts will be given containing methods for dealing with a medical team so that pertinent questions are asked and answers received that will give anyone the confidence to continue on in a knowledgeable and informed manner and participants will also receive contact information for many of the organizations dedicated to the prevention and cure of breast cancer.


Vitamins are the nutrients that control our very lives.  The way we feel and function on a daily basis is directly related to our vitamin supply yet there are so many companies telling us we need their supplements that it is very confusing trying to figure out what is best for us as individuals.  This seminar explains the basic vitamins, what their function is in our bodies, which foods are most beneficial to us and when we need to supplement our diets with vitamins pills and liquids.  No brand names will be recommended unless they are readily available in several local health food stores.  Handouts will be given with vitamin information is an easy to read and understand format.


The human body has 72,000 miles of lymph vessels running through it and these vessels are paramount to the body's immune system.  Our immune system is responsible for keeping us healthy and vital but very few people are even consciously aware of their immune system and even less have any concept of how it works.  This seminar gives a basic understanding of one of the  most important fluid systems within our body. It is the function of our immune system to do battle with invading micro-organisms and assist in keeping the body well and healthy.  Participants will leave with a basic understanding of immunity, what it is, how we get it and how we can promote it.  Handouts will be given showing the various organs that are a part of our immune system and an explanation of what they do and how they do it.


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